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Night Club & Venue Photo Booths

Interactive experiences that significantly boost consumer engagement.

It's easy, measurable, and effective.

Do you own a night club, bar or retail store? Provide an awesome interactive experience for each and every customer that sets foot into your venue. With a modern photo booth that is temporary or permanently installed, it blends seamlessly into any place, and is guaranteed to provide a remarkable experience in itself.

Provide an excellent interactive photo experience that includes looping videos, GIFs or Boomerangs that can be shared by your customers. In turn, this allows you to benefit from photo marketing all year long by driving participation with your call-to-action, create onsite customer engagement and collect customer data for marketing purposes.

Data collection is boring...and it should not have to be.

Night Club
Retail Shops

Interactive experiences that significantly boost consumer engagement.

The Install Process

From Start to Finish

Our wall mounted photo booths are great for temporary or permanent installations.
Our professional sales team will guide you through the entire process of installing the photo booth and also provide on-site training to you and your staff. We can install a traditional photo booth or a more modern photo booth if you have less space. This will allow our photo booth to take up as little space as possible while still delivering the same experience. Our custom installs include beauty-lighting and interactive features to create a unique photo experience right on location.

Dedicated Support

From Your Venue to our Office

We are here for the long run. We are customer service focused and want to provide the best interactive photo experience possible. All of our venue installs come with a dedicated customer service rep that will provide full training on how to use and troubleshoot your installed photo booth.

We offer an enhanced remote experience right from our control center. Our remote experience is designed to allow you to request and receive real-time analytics, data capture information and customization requests such as branding updates to prepare for a national holiday or upcoming sales marketing campaign.

It is rare that you should experience the need to touch the booth for troubleshooting issues. If any problem arises, contact us and our dedicated support team will help resolve your issues remotely or visit your location promptly to solve any problems.

Data Capture & Analytics

Receive data-rich reports and collect the right information from your guests

Each month, we will provide you with a full monthly data capture and analytics report. Track how many people have taken photos and use the data to run competitions. With ease, emails, phone numbers, and Twitter handles are downloaded in a convenient Excel spreadsheet, and we provide the functionality to send our clients a secure link with full access to all the event analytics. Want to college custom data? We offer a custom data form builder that allows you to customize what information you capture from your guests.


From installation to monitoring

Our mounted photo booth unit comes social media enabled. Your customers can snap their photo and share it instantly on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or send directly to their email or phone in under 10 seconds. How does your brand benefit from this? One thing that you should have to focus less on is a promotion. Our photo booth unit is an instant marketing machine that shares your brand to all of your customers’ friends. So relax and let the likes and impressions come in.

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