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Roaming Photography

QR Code Technology That Works.

Our QR code technology allows you to link your event attendees directly to their photo. This technology is the perfect solution to boost brand awareness at any event, ranging from charity, festivals, marathons, concerts and more.

Our roaming photographers utilize QR code technology to take photos everywhere during the duration of your event, and can quickly associate the pictures taken with any participant at your event. Our QR code photography software is truly mobile. No matter the location, our roaming photographers can provide full photographing coverage.

All images taken by our photographers are instantly linked to a QR code receipt which is handed out to guests, who can then immediately view all photos related to them on a microsite branded for your event for immediate download on their mobile device.

How QR Code Technology Works.

  • Our photographer will roam your event and capture stunning photos of your guests at your event
  • The photographer will then print a receipt that contains a 1D Barcode, a 2D QR Code, or both, on a printable ticket.
  • The roaming photographer will compile all photos and make it extremely easy for guests to access them all in one place without losing or missing any images.
  • Our system will automatically upload all photos to the web or the local server.
  • Your guests will have two options to access their photo: 1. Your guest will be assigned a print image claim ticket that will allow them to go to the designated photo printing station to scan their receipt to have their photos printed instantly. 2. Your guest will use a QR code reader to scan the QR code receipt which will allow them to access their photos.
  • All our photo printing stations are fully serviced, which merely means that your guests will simply walk up to the bar code scanner, scan receipt and the photo will print immediately.
  • For event publicity and brand exposure, all event photos can be fully branded with custom graphics and event information. When you guest to share their picture online. This provides an instant brand promotion.

We have worked with famous brands on their activations and experiential events. These brands include Amazon, NBC Universal, Telemundo, Capitol Bank, and many others. Our team has experience working in fast-paced and high-pressure environments and we understand the importance of running an activation smoothly as possible.

We are trained to provide direction and guidance if there is a need for on-site photo printing and immediate digital delivery of photos from your event. We work closely with our customers to ensure all requirements are met to the last detail and that each equipment has a back-up.


Green screen photography is a fantastic way to engage guests and customers at events. Regardless of age, green screen photography will add loads of fun to your event. Who said the green screen was only for the young ones? Green screen, also known as chromakey photography is the process of capturing photos of people against a green background wall, removing the green background against which guests are positioned, and replacing it with a digital backdrop.

We use state of the art event photography software that can run events with multiple backgrounds. We can provide brandings such as adding logo overlays to the prints for events requiring digital delivery and instant photo prints. Green screen photography will be one thing remembered at your next event.

Instant Photo Printing

Our on-site printing team can print up to 300 photographs per hour, per printer. In reality, this does not occur at most events that we are booked for, but events that we have managed in the past have peaks and troughs in demand. With only one printer in operation, we have often printed between 200-300 photos at events. If there is a need to print more pictures, or the same number in a shorter time frame we can increase the number of printers and operators for your event.

The quality of our print is absolutely breathtaking. We use Dye-sublimation printers which are equivalent to the printers found at your local print shop. The most common print size for on-site event printing is the 4 x 6 inch, which takes less than 10 seconds to print. We can print 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 6 and 13 x 19 prints. We also can provide branding options to brand your photos.

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