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Wedding Live Streaming

Live Streaming for Weddings

COVID-19 has changed the wedding industry forever. As a result, most couples were forced to postpone their wedding day to 2021 and beyond. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

With over three years of filming weddings and 10 years filming an array of events,  We’ve worked hands-on with professional cinema production video cameras and audio devices to create and capture some of the most beautiful moments through the use of revolutionary technology. With our Live Stream service, we are prepared to stream your wedding using professional industry equipment so that your loved ones and friends can see and hear everything as if they were there.  No matter where they are in the world, you now have the opportunity to share your wedding day with them.

We know that live streaming is not the same as being in person, but as we all know, COVID-19 made times difficult for couples all over the world. Our job is to help you provide the next best thing as we all wait to return to normal.  In fact, you may use your mobile device to stream live nowadays, but why have someone block the view of the most interment moment in your life with their cellphone? Do not forget about the limited audio range from your mobile device as well. Our live streaming team can stream live to major streaming platforms or our own private streaming portal for a more privy live stream setting.

Stream public to major platforms

Stream private using our platform

Private streaming is available through our streaming portal for a more personal experience.

Standard Package

Live Streaming of the Wedding Ceremony
  • Up to one hour of streaming time
  • One professional cinema camera
  • Three wireless microphones for officiant and couple
  • Professional videographer and on-site streaming technician
  • Stream to public platforms such as Facebook, Zoom or YouTube page. (Private platform available)

Need More?

  • Multicam stream
  • Slideshow
  • Personalized holding screen
  • Private streaming platform with interactive features
  • Virtual entertainment features for guests

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